Banco Metropolitano, S.A

Head Office

Línea No. 63 esq. a M, Vedado, Municipio Plaza, La Habana

Telf: (537) 55-3116/17

Fax: (537) 33-4241

Telex: 51-2920 BANMET cu

Banco Metropolitano, S.A., member of Grupo Nueva Banca, S.A., was established by Corporate Charter No. 542, of March 19, 1996, issued by the Special Notary’s Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Cuba.

Banco Central de Cuba ratified the License previously issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba and granted Banco Metropolitano, S.A. a General License by means of Resolution No. 21, 1997.

It is authorised to engage in operations involving the following:

Banco Metropolitano, S.A. mainly provides services to private banking and, collateraly, performs operations related to banking business as well as trade operations through Banco Internacional de Comercio, S.A.

At the Bank, 136 holders handle their accounts in national currency and 1,292 holders handle them in freely convertible currency. During 1998 it granted financings equivalent to 61,2 million USD and of 15 million pesos to national enterprises.

During 1998 it offered new services or products to its clients, such as:

In this current year of 1999, Banco Metropolitano, S.A. is planning to enlarge and improve those services technologically.

By April 1999, it is foreseen to transfer its Head Office, as well as to open a new branch in 5th Ave. and 112, Playa with an automatic teller in place. The present office on Línea No. 63 on the corner of M, Plaza, where there is an automated teller, will remain as a branch.