On the Organization of the Ministry and its System

The System of the Ministry of Transportation is formed by:

  1. The Central Apparatus;

  2. The unions, the productive and/or service associations, the enterprises and basic economic units, incorporated into the said unions and associations;

  3. The enterprises and the basic economic units, not incorporated into unions or productive and/or service associations;

  4. The conventional basic units directly subordinated to unions, associations, enterprises or basic economic units;

  5. The Budgeted Units and their branch offices.

The Enterprise System (items b,c and d) of the Ministry of Transportation, are subordinated to the Minister, who manages it through a Council composed of directors, specialists, officials and entrepreneurs who may or may not be members of the Central Apparatus, and even of other organizations.

The Unions and Productive Associations in the Ministry of Transportation are:

  1. Unión de Ferrocarriles Railway Union Email: ufc@transnet.cu
  2. Unión de Camiones "UDECAM" Union of Trucks Email: udecam@transnet.cu
  3. Unión Constructora Construction Union Email: uconstoc@transnet.cu
  4. Asociación Portuaria "ASPORT" Port Association Email: direccion@asport.transnet.cu
  5. Astilleros Asociados Associated Shipyards Email: astasoc@transnet.cu
  6. Suministros Marítimos Portuarios "SUMARPO" Port Maritime Supplies Email: sumarpo@transnet.cu
  7. Asociación de Investigación y Producción del Transporte "GRUPO IT" Association for the Transport Research and Production Email: iitransp@transnet.cu
  8. Asociación Productiva "TRANSPROY" Productive Association Email: asociacion@tproy.transnet.cu
  9. TRADEX Email: atm@transnet.cu
  10. Asociación de Transporte por Ómnibus "ASTRO" Association of Bus Transport Email: direccion@astro.transnet.cu
  11. Asociación de Informática, Publicidad, Comunicaciones y Servicio de Satélite "AIPCSA" Association of Computing, Advertising, Communications and Satellite Service Email: aipcsa@transnet.cu
  12. GEMAP Email: gemapdes@transnet.cu

The Enterprises and the Basic Economic Units which are not in Unions or Productive and/or Service Associations.

  1. Registro Cubano de Buques "RCB" Cuban Registry of Vessels Email: rcb@transnet.cu
  2. Empresa Industrial de Instalaciones Fijas Industrial Enterprise for Fixed Installations Email:gerencia@eiif.vcl.transnet.cu
  3. Naviera Cubano Caribeña Shipping company Email: nccij@transnet.cu
  4. Navegación Caribe Shipping Email: navcar@transnet.cu
  5. Antillana de Salvamento Salvage.
  6. Consignataria Mambisa Shipping Agency Email:denis@mambisa.transnet.cu
  7. OTM - Central Cargo Email: direccion@otm.transnet.cu
  8. Agencia SELECMAR Agency Email: selecmar@transnet.cu
  9. SAMARP Email: sarduy@samarp.transnet.cu
  10. TMP Margarito Iglesias Port Maritime Terminal.
  12. Agencia General de Seguridad y Protección (AGESP) General Agency for Security and Protection Email: agespd@transnet.cu
  13. Fondo de Inversiones Aseguradas (FINAS) Fund for Insured Investment
  14. Casa Financiera (CFI) Financial Establishment Email: cft@transnet.cu
  15. Fondo para la Inversión, Conservación y Administración de Vías (FICAV) Fund for the Road Management, Preservation and Investment Email: ficavdg@transnet.cu
  16. Comercializadora MARCOS Trading enterprise.
  17. Centro de Preparación Gerencial (PREGER) Center for Management Training Email: preger@transnet.cu
  18. Organización Nacional de Práctico de Puertos de la República de Cuba National Organization of Port Pilots of the Republic of Cuba Email: onp@ceniai.inf.cu
  19. Habana Inmueble "HINES" Building Email: hines@transnet.cu

Budgeted Units and their branch offices.

  1. Aparato Central MITRANS Central Apparatus.
  2. Oficina de Atención al Personal Disponible Office taking care of vacant personnel.
  3. Unidad Estatal de Tráfico (UET) Traffic State Unit Email:uet@transnet.cu
  4. Centro Nacional de Vialidad National Center of System of public roads Email:cnv@transnet.cu
  5. Unidad Coordinadora Puerto Habana Port Coordinating Unit Email:delegado@transnet.cu
  6. Seguridad e Inspección de Occidente Security and Survey of the West
  7. Seguridad e Inspección del Centro Security and Survey of the Center Email:utcentro@vcl.transnet.cu
  8. Seguridad e Inspección Centro Este East Center Security and Survey Email:utceste@cmg.transnet.cu
  9. Seguridad e Inspección del Oriente Security and Survey of the East Email:utoriente@scu.transnet.cu
  10. Centro Nacional de Capacitación National Training Center

The Central Apparatus is structured by the branches supporting the Minister's direct activities, those of the Transport General Surveyor and those of the Vice Ministers and by the Organizing Units approved accordingly.

The approved organizing Units, in charge of performing the activities, which are part of the objectives to be attained by the Ministry of Transportation as to its main and ruling duties, are as follows:

  1. Dirección de Asuntos Jurídicos y Laborales Division for Legal and Labour Issues Email:dajl@transnet.cu
  2. Dirección de Auditoría Audit Division Email:auditoria@transnet.cu
  3. Dirección de Contabilidad y Precios Accounting and Price Division Email:conec@transnet.cu
  4. Comisión Asesora de Venta de Vehículos Advising Commission for Sale of Vehicles
  5. Dirección de Infraestructura del Transporte Division of Transport Infrastructure Email:infra@transnet.cu
  6. Dirección de Planeamiento Division of Planning Email:planeam@transnet.cu
  7. Dirección de Planificación Financiera Division of Financial Planning
  8. Dirección de Seguridad e Inspección Automotor Division of Automotive Safety and Survey Email:dsa@transnet.cu
  9. Dirección de Seguridad e Inspección Ferroviaria Division of Railway Safety and Survey Email:dnseif@transnet.cu
  10. Dirección de Seguridad e Inspección Marítima Division of Maritime Safety and Survey Email:dtcarga@transnet.cu
  11. Dirección de Transportación de Cargas Division of Cargo Transport Email:dtcarga@transnet.cu
  12. Dirección de Transportación de Pasajeros Division of Passenger Transport Email:dpasaje@transnet.cu
  13. Dirección de Transporte Automotor Division of Automotive Transport Email:dta@transnet.cu
  14. Dirección de Transporte Ferroviario Division of Railway Transport Email:dtf@transnet.cu
  15. Dirección de Transporte Marítimo y Fluvial Division of Maritime and River Transport Email:dtm@transnet.cu
  16. Secretaría del Ministro Minister´s Secretariat