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As content we are proposing a brief tour over the Cuban history
into three periods, colonial, neo-colonial, and revolutionary periods.

This due to the concept of national formation, differentiating in its development
the period of creation of Cubaness under the Spanish rule. The subsequent period starts with creation Cuban national state, even though it is evident the situation of dependence respecting the United States. And finally, the revolutionary period, in which the nation accomplish complete sovereign existence.

  Colonial Period 1492 - 1898
Early settlers. Colon's arrival
Colonial society
The struggle for national independence
  1898 - 1902
The U.S Military occupation in Cuba
  Neo-colonial Period 1902 - 1958
First decades of neo-colonial republic
Crisis of neo-colonial system
The revolutionary movement (1953-1958)
  Revolutionary Period 1959 - 1998
The Cuban Revolution: its early years
Institutionalisation process of the country and the struggle of the whole people
Economic crisis and popular resistance

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